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This is the wiki for the Subreddit group The Naruto World! Here you can learn how to create your own shinobi character, read about how to go on missions and how to equip and develop your ninja.

You can also read about the villages and other factions that vie for dominance in the world, and the history that has lead to the present moment in the storyline and who today's ninja are and what kind of jutsu they have!

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Getting Started

This section deals with everything you need to get a starting grasp of how to create your character

Design your character here
Learn how to develop and upgrade your character here
How chakra works and jutsu costs are assigned
Basic Combat Mechanics
Feat Guidelines
Equip your character here
How to earn QP
Read the history of our world here
Learn how to roleplay here
Does your character need a trip to the hospital?
Character Bounties


Stat buffs
Shadow Clones
Jutsu to Hit
Endurance guidelines
Chakra Control
Elemental Superiority

New Pages

Updates to the game

Knowledge Scrolls

This houses all the information collated about Shinobi and their clans, ranks, jutsu and mission history.

A list of all the ninja on database
A list of all the bloodlines and families ninja stem from
All the missions undertaken by our Shinobi are listed here
A listing of all the rank upgrades that have been taken

Villages and Factions

This lists the different player factions and villages overtly operating in the Shinobi world

Konagakure, The Village Hidden in the Leaves
Kirigakure, The Village Hidden in the Mist
Kumogakure, The Village Hidden in the Cloud
Iwagakure, The Village Hidden in the Rocks
Sunagakure, The Village Hidden in the Sands
Amegakure, The Village Hidden in the Rain