Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013-4-1
  • Submitted by: Masaki
  • Rank: Raid
  • Overseer: Masaki
  • Recapper: Masaki
  • QP Reward: 4
  • Ryo Reward: 2000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Eclipse
  • Shinkiro
  • Nui Uchiha
  • Hayate Yuki
  • Orr Tann
  • Chihiro
  • Kantaro 
  • Takumi
  • Ryo Hyuga
  • Muso Rento
  • Tiburan Momochi
  • Zakura
  • Hikaru

Mission ProfileEdit


Defeat the beast within the cave


The group of international Shinobi went to go defeat a powerful creature in a cave 

Mission RecapEdit

The group of 13 entered the cave, there they found Mansuke, the manliest of men. They fought with this grand being, many were injured during the fight. They found that as strong as he was that he was weak emotionally, when it seemed that he would defeat them by using his Mansanoo the used a joint genjutsu and attack to defeat him. He poof'd and it was only a shadow clone of the great god of shinobi. 

They were given raid loot as follows:




Mini Mansuke Companion-Kantaro

Mansuke Slayer-Chi

Mansukes Cloak-Nui Uchiha 

Mansukes Hair-Orr

Mansukes Shirt-Takumi

Mansukes Underwear-Ryo Hyuga

Mansukes Earrings-muso rento

Mansukes Pants-Tibs

Mansukes-Nail Polish-Ephy


Mansuke's Voice-Chihiro  

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