Masura the Mad
Personal Information
Username NPC
Age deceased
Gender Male
Height 6'04"
Weight 160lbs
Affiliation Kumogakure
Rank Raikage

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Masura is tall, wirey and altogether fun! Depending on what you can call fun. He's mad, if that wasn't obvious enough already. 


'Speed: '
Chakra Levels: 
Chakra Control: 

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: N/A
Genin 2: N/A
Chunin: N/A
Jonin: N/A
S-Rank: N/A
Kage Rank: N/A


Feats earned so far: 50

Banked feats: 0


Not much is known about Masura's upbringing, or how he insinuated himself into the ranks of Kumogakure's ninjas. He appeared from seemingly nowhere and grew to prominence when, during a Kage summit, he assassinated the Raikage who he was accompanying, as well as the Mizukage. After that, he assumed the title of Raikage and brought chaos to Kumo, that threatened to spread into other villages and potentially lead to war. He attempted to woo the new Mizukage by "saving" her village from a destructive army of Kiri's own making, he "contaminated" the Tsuchikage, only for her to later disappear, and he turned Kumo into a dystopic nightmare, among many other misdeeds. His ability to change the very fabric of reality and suit it to his very whims, with only a thought. His End Game? Likely the summoning of the Oni Lord Tharaxius, for his death was the final key needed to summon it to the mortal plane.

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