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Explore an old Uchiha base.


On her way from Ame to Kumo Nui stopped to investigate a very old Uchiha base.

Mission RecapEdit

The three ninja are traveling to Kumo and know an old pre-Konoha Uchiha village can be found nearby. The village was abandoned hundreds of years ago and they know not what has become of it. Leaving the road and heading into the forest where the village used to be they found ruins of houses. The forest is particularly dense, but Nui notices a gap in the dense foliage. This gap turns out to be an indent in a perfectly intact wall. The forest seems to have grown into the wall making it almost impossible to notice, in the indent two metal doors form a gate. They are decorated with a large symbol of the Uchiha clan. Upon the gate writing in a weird language is visible. Upon activating the sharingan the writing rearranges itself to say “Only the strong may pass, to unlock this gate you must unlock your hate.” Upon activation of the Mangekyo a three wheeled sharingan appears, the three tomoe can be turned to open the gate. The tomoe turn smoothly and the gate opens silently on its hinges other than the large internal gears. The gate opens to reveal the interior of the village. It is a beautiful site, well maintained and richly decorated, the main building adorned more richly than all the rest. It is made of a stone base and wood upper floors. The deep wood is polished to a shine and the front double doors stand ajar. As the ninja draw near to the building they hear the sounds of fighting from within. Following the fighting they descend the stairs to see two familiar people fighting. Both Hatnta and Kuireta Boshi are fighting with mangeko active. It’s obvious the man is far superior to the young woman. Eventually the other ninja enter the fray. They join on Hanta’s side and even the four of them are incapable of beating the man who fights like a maniac. Hanta eventually sacrifices her arm so that she can use a genjutsu and buy all the ninja time to escape.

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