Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Meet with the Raikage.


Nui, Okami, and Masaki have been traveling from Ame to Kumo with the intention of meeting the Raikage to propose an alliance and request aid for the resistance.

Mission RecapEdit

Nui, Okami, and Masaki arrive in Kumo. They get visitors passes, something to eat, and then head to Nui's apartment to clean up and prepare to meet with the Raikage. Their arrival at the Raikage's building is met with suspicion, and Okami's sword causes further agitation. However, the Raikage does grant them an audience, the terms of an alliance are proposed, and an alliance of sorts is forged. Afterwards, Okami discovers he has signed a summoning contract with the wolves, Nui leaves Okami her apartment and introduces her to someone, and Nui and Masaki leave for Ame via Oto.

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