Michio Nobou
Personal Information
Username NPC
Age deceased
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 173lbs
Affiliation Kiri
Rank Kage

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Michio Nobou is a tall figure and honest man. He hides his worries through a false smile. He has grey hair and kind eyes. 

Stats (Total:281)Edit

Strength: 50Edit

Speed: 27Edit

Chakra Levels: 37Edit

Chakra Control: 20Edit

Endurance: 30Edit

Banked: 0Edit

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Water ReleaseEdit

Genin 2: Kenjutsu Specialist Edit

Chunin: Blood ReleaseEdit

Jonin: Sealing Specialist Edit

S-Rank: Squid SummoningEdit

Kage Rank: Boil ReleaseEdit


Feats earned so far: 33Edit

Banked feats: 0Edit

  1.  Water Style:Water Clone 
  2.  Water Style:Water Prision
  3.  Water Style: Water Dragon
  4.  Water Style: Multi Water Clone
  5.  Water Style: Twin Water Dragon
  6.  Water Style: Water Siphon
  7.  Boil Release: Armour 
  8.  Boil Release: Boiling Mist Dragon Technique
  9.  Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique
  10.  Blood Release: Blood Clone 
  11.  Blood Release: Sanguine Pool
  12.  Blood Release: Blood Armour
  13.  Blood Release: Subserviant Obiendence (2)
  14.  Blood Release: Blood Sphere  
  15.  Sealing: Contract Seal
  16.  Sealing: Five Elements Seal
  17.  Sealing: Five Elements Unseal
  18.  Squid Summoning: Ika-Kuirotichi 
  19.  Squid Summoning: Ika-Kinochtichokuga
  20.  Squid Summoning: Ika-Kynochidamuratensen(2)
  21.  Ikaken(Squid Blade) (2) 
  22.  Kenjutsu: Dance of the Ink Blade
  23.  Kenjutsu: Inscription
  24.  Kenjusu: Underwater Devestation


  • (1) Summoning Scroll
  • (1) Single Kunai 
  • (2) Water Summoning Scroll
  • (3) Three Smoke Bombs
  • (3) Three Flash Bombs
  • (3) Sealing Tags
  • (4) Large Water Summoning Scroll 

History and StoryEdit

Michio Nobou has humble origins. He was been with Kiri throughout his entire life and has always been loyal to it. He wanted to right the wrongs of Kiri's past and so he set course for becoming Mizukage. He proved to be an exceptionally skilled ninja and quickly rose in rank. When the Mizukage was killed they picked him as the replacement as most others came to respect him for his positive outlook and caring for the village. At first he was very happy that he would finally be able to change the village for better, but the difficulties of the job have put much tension on him and he struggles with the everyday problems of being Kage. His spirits have dwindled over the years but he still believes he can achieve his goal of turning Kiri into a better place. 

During a Kage summit he was killed.

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