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Take down the missing-nin Isamu Hisamo.


After a falling out with the rest of the Gami clan, Isamu Hisamo defected from both Kirigakure and clan. To prevent the spread of secrets, Zorufu Kinburi and Momo Gami were charged with destroying him.

Mission RecapEdit

Intelligence reports came in that the missing-nin Isamu had last been seen in a shady town named Lintal in Tea Country. The place was a known haven of mercenaries, smugglers, criminals, and missing-nin. The two ninjas traveled from Kiri to a small fishing village just south of the mercenary town. They tried to gather some intelligence there, but the residents knew little of what went on in the shady town to the north and were not overly fond of ninjas.

Heading north, Momo and Zorufu made their way into the dangerous town of Lintal, and knowing Isamu's predilections for drinking, headed directly for the bar. He was not present, but they were able to bribe the bartender to give them some information that they hoped was relevant to their mission.

Following the bartender's information to a seacliff cave, Momo and Zorufu encountered Isamu. Enraged, Isamu attacked Momo first, though she evaded by melting into a pool of blood. Zorufu attempted to take him down with his kekkei genkai, but Isamu escaped for the beach. Zorufu briefly engaged him in hand to hand combat, but was deeply wounded by a sword strike. Momo sent a projectile after Isamu, which only served to knock him down. Zorufu moved in for the kill, but was stabbed in the side with a kunai before the blow was struck and Isamu's shadow clone vanished. The real Isamu appeared behind Momo, ready to deal a killing blow, which struck her clone instead. While Isamu was busy attempting to kill Momo, he ignored the injured Zorufu who threw a pair of Fuma Shuriken at him. One caught him in his leg, saving Momo and downing Isamu. It was short work from there to end Isamu. Source

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