The Village Hidden in the Trees
Yuuki Senju
Village Council


Morigakure is a small village near the Land of Fire.The village still call their leader a kage ever thought not one of the five villages.The First Morikage is Yuuki Senju

The Puppet Technique, and Rasengan seem to be common techniques among Kigigakure ninja

The standard attire of this village consists of blue flak jackets of various shades. Tree shinobi also tend to wear blue cloaks to keep out of the cold.


The Land of Trees was the primary living area of the harmless farmers of Konoha. They left the village, and created a small sub-village of their own. Morigakure. The Hokage allowed this, since they were still in the area of the Land of Fire, and they were mostly harmless. The Hokage sent a herald, Yuuki Senju, to be their leader.

Hiro and Ivankovic created a small settlement in the area, and Yuuki found them. He invited them to be Heralds and council of the small sub-village, to make the village progress.

Recent Developments

Hiro and Ivan were appointed heralds.

Current Members in Morigakure

Hiro Uchiha Ivankovic Ryuu Uzumaki
Yuuki Senju[NPC]

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