Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Liberate the base in the mountains.


Asumizu received a letter asking for help and requesting he travel to a place near the Village Hidden in Stone. He decided to respond to the request with his brother Kai and his friend Nen.

Mission RecapEdit

They went to the Village Hidden in Stone, then headed out into the mountains from there. They were having a hard time with the poorly drawn map but Asumizu saw a familiar symbol carved onto a tree and followed the trail. They triggered a trap and Kai was attacked from behind by someone who took him hostage, but when the man saw the letter in Asu's hand he backed down. He led them to a cave and told them he was a Kigen and needed their help reclaiming his home before he could help them and give them information on the upcoming clan fight.

They then went to the home/base. They approached from behind, but had to sneak around the front to get to the only entrance. Nen kicked in the door, which resulted in a massive and damaging explosion. Just when they had healed they were attacked from above by two. Then another joined them from there and two jumped in from behind. They beat down the enemies except for one inside who did something weird and then was killed in an explosion when they tried to enter the house. After that they returned to Umai and took him to the village for medical attention for wounds sustained when the people who had taken over his house attacked.

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