Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit

The ninja were tasked with liberating a desert gold mining town from a group of bandits. Their leader is a fearsome warrior with great facial hair.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja meet up with their guide from the feudal lord Jakun who brings them to the town. Once their kuma decides to casualy stroll in before eventally being caught by the moustachioed leader himself and his 3 bandito friends. One bandito takes a shuriken to the chest then is killed by Yukki's bear. The leader gets his body blown up by Ezekieal but the moustache leaps off his face onto another bandits face giving him the leaders skills. The new Moustachioed bandit hits Yukki dead on with air slash then nails Kuma with a kunai in the leg. The other bandito dies from a kunai to the throat, and finally Clais is able to finish off the leader, but the moustache dissapears.

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