Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 08-27-2013
  • Submitted by: Tibs
  • Rank: S
  • Overseer: Nobu
  • QP Reward: 4
  • Ryo Reward: 6000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Tiburan Momochi
  • Amaya Hozuki

Mission ProfileEdit


Kill the crime lord

Mission RecapEdit

Amaya and Tiburan enter the compound and kill off many of the hired guards. They enter the room with the crime lord, and his two henchmen fight them. They are killed and the crime lord puts them under a genjutsu. Tibs sees himself with Arya, Mina, Celeste and Anna and they all....really like him. Amaya sees a world were Nobu has killed everyone and is throwing explosions around, then he proposes to her. But both of them finally see through the illusion. They fight the crime lord and kill him.

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