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Ninja TeamEdit

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Explore the cave!

Mission RecapEdit

A cave has opened up near an un-named village in the Land of Fire. The curious part is it was never there before, and has only recently opened. An expedition team has been organized to explore and investigate the new cave. The 4 shinobi gather on the road to the cave. They talk about pleasentries and such until they reach the cave. They find that its near bottomless, and decide to go down. On there way down, the ladder is sucked into the cave floor. Its quicksand! Riku's bubble saves the group, and they continue exploration.

They take the southward tunnel, and they see the lava on the walls. The bubble pops and they land on solid ground. Riku pisses off a large man who flings giant flaming boulders at the group. Riku defends everyone with his light dome, but continues berating the giant. The giant smashes the walls of the tunnel, causing them to begin to collapse. Kai attempts to keep the walls up, but is unsuccessful. The dome leaves them stranded deep underground.

Lavaman smashes the group through the dome into the main cavern, and after a big tussel, Riku defeats the big boy. The cavern begins to shudder and implode and the group escapes, never to return again.

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