Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 5/30/13
  • Submitted by: Kokku
  • Rank: RP
  • Overseer: Nui Uchiha
  • Recapper: NA
  • QP Reward: 1
  • Ryo Reward: 500

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Ryo Hyuga
  • Shinji Uchiha
  • Shinkiro Gami
  • Kokku

Mission ProfileEdit


Have fun at the bathouse.


We totes had fun at a bathouse

Mission RecapEdit

IRC chatlogs-

<Shinji> [yay, we have the whole crew now]

<Kokku> enough for a misshen

  • Kokku gives channel operator status to Overseeing_Ephy

<Kokku> joke

<Kokku> kusa?

<Kokku> [okay u start Ryo/shinji]

<Ryo> [where ar?]

<Ryo> [at?]

<Shinji> [Idk, i was joking about Kusa]

<Ryo> [hot spring village?]

<Kokku> [okay sounds good]

<Shinji> [how about a restaurant that Kokku is working?]

<Kokku> [that'll kill me

<Shinji> [how?]

<Kokku> [ ] i hate always serving food

<Kokku> [ ] but i like to serve when not on the restoraunt, makes me special heh heh

<Ryo> [lol i could be working at a bath house in hot spring village since ive been doing odd jobs]

<Shinji> [that works]

<Ryo> [I start?]

<Kokku> [any of u can start actually]

<Shinji> [sure]

<Ryo> *Ryo sits behind a desk in the greeting room at a bath house in the hot spring village. He is wearing an employee robe with a name tag that say "Hello my name is RYO"

<Kokku> [ do /me for player actions]

<Ryo> [k]

<Kokku> [ shinji u next?]

<Ryo> [ i dont think it matters]

 Shinji walks in. "Holy shit! Ryo? Why are you here? I was just doing the icha icha no pants dance with a kunoichi here."

 Kokku stands in the corner, eating dumplings and fish balls

 TakumiAFK ( has joined #NaruRP

  • TakumiAFK is now known as Takumi

<Ryo> *Ryo lifts up hands in a shrug "I needed some money so I've been working evenings here"

 Overseeing_Ephy walks into the hot springs and give Ryo an odd look, "Came a long way after leaving Ame i see."

<Kokku> [ ] is Takumi going to join?

<Takumi> .[lol I have no idea what I just walked in on]

<Takumi> [hot springs?]

 Kokku is still eating

 Shinji looks over

 Ryo laughs "Only temporary Shinkiro, this is just a break job to give me some relief"

<Shinji> "Damn. Shinkiro. Why must you follow me everywhere?"

 Ryo "Hey you, quite eating over there, this is a bath house not a diner"

<Kokku> "

 Shinji takes off his towel and cannonballs a spring

<Kokku> "hah?" Kokku mumbles "Bath house? what is that"

 Takumi ( has left #NaruRP

 Ryo sighs and lets the man continue eating "ehhh have no clue where you are?"

<Kokku> "H-huh?" Kokku heckles

 Shinji surfaces out of the water. "Who's this guy Ryo? A 'valued' customer?"

 Ryo shoots the man a questioning look "just......just...I don't know, just do what you want"

<Overseeing_Ephy> Well I'ma go dive in Ryo!

 Kokku notices other people by the bath

<Kokku> "What is that hot water instrument?"

<Kokku> "A broiler for beef?"

<Ryo> "you sit in it for pleasure"

<Shinji> "No, it is my sex pit."

<Kokku> "Won't you get cooked ha?"

 Shinji winks at some passing girls

<Shinji> "It isn't THAT hot, you dummy."

<Ryo> "nah It's not hot enough"

<Shinji> "Come on in!"

 Shinji splashes Kokku

<Kokku> "Oki" He says in a monkey-like accent as he jumps

 Overseeing_Ephy sends a tendril over by shinji, "Sex pit?" he jokes

 Ryo puts feet on his desk and activates byakugan. He then puts a book in front of his face

 Shinji tries to get as far away from Shinkiro as possible

<Shinji> "NO!"

 Overseeing_Ephy laughs

 Ryo looks through the wall to the women section of the hot house using byakugan

<Overseeing_Ephy> "I see that Ryo!"

 Ryo smirks "I know, reading is so fascinating isn't it"

 Shinji puts on his best Jiraiya face

<Shinji> "I wanna see."

<Ryo> "I think Shinkiro has something to show you Shinji"

<Ryo> "something about tentacles"

 Shinji goes white


 Kokku starts to pour frozen dumplings in the hot bath, expecting it to be cooked

 Ryo Ryo Sighs and puts down his book

<Ryo> "Sir may i ask you not to put food in the bath"

 Ryo deactivates byakugan

<Shinji> "I can cook your dumplings sir. Just  a little Fireball jutsu is all you need!"

 Ryo sighs "please don't destroy this place on my shift"

<Shinji> "When does your shift end?"

<Ryo> "five minutes"

<Ryo> "then someone else comes in and takes it over"

<Shinji> "Good. That means in five minutes, we can ransack this place."

<Ryo> "So any of you guys have money to pay for this?"

 Kokku takes a bite on the dumplings

 Kokku immediately spits them out

<Kokku> "These taste awful!" Kokku mutters

<Ryo> "sir what village are you from?"

<Kokku> "I'm not really sure, heh"

<Shinji> "Ryo, you know I have money, but you should also know that I'm an asshole, and I don't pay for things."

 Ryo smiles " well shinji, that is something you would have to take up with my manager"

<Shinji> "I don't take any shit off of bitch ass managers"

<Ryo> "Trust me, you don't want to make her mad"

<Shinji> "She? Is she a babe?"

<Ryo> "Attractive? yes, but she's mean as hell and she's pretty strong. Trust me, not the kind of 'thing' someone should go for"

<Shinji> "I like it rough."

<Ryo> "Her last employee she drug him outside and beat the shit out of him...literally, I joined the next day and had to clean it up"

<Overseeing_Ephy> she sounds fun

<Shinji> "Hmmm. She can 'beat' me all day long."

 Ryo stares at Shinji "Trust me Shinji, It is not a good idea"

 Shinji grins

 Overseeing_Ephy puts on a towel and pays Ryo

<Ryo> "thanks Shink, I hope you find your stay was satisfactory"

<Ryo> "Also it was good seeing you again"

<Shinji> "Later dude. If you need anyone killed and don't feel like dirtying your tentacles, hit me up"

<Ryo> [ overseeing_ephy you leaving for good? ]

<Overseeing_Ephy> [nah, just paying]

<Kokku> [nice one]

<Ryo> [ who wanna rp as tha boss?]

 Overseeing_Ephy hops back in the tub

<Shinji> [I can't]

<Shinji> [imma make sex with hur]

<Ryo> [can i double rp?]

<Overseeing_Ephy> [yey]

<Shinji> "So, where is this chick?"

<Ryo> *A fairly attractive brunette woman with blue eyes walks into the room. She is wearing a rather fashionable black dress and at first glance it would seem she is a customer

 Shinji whistles at her

<Kokku> [u ppl making this sexual rp?]

<Shinji> [no. Shinji is just a perv]

<Ryo> *The woman puts on a smile and waves at Shinji, she then walks over to Ryo's table

<Ryo> [yeah no sexy times here]

<Shinji> [this chick will probably whip my ass]

 Shinji grins at the lady "Damn, I'm gonna score twice today" Shinji thinks to himself

 Ryo tries to sit up in his chair but loses balance and falls backwards, hitting his head on the floor

<Overseeing_Ephy> "You'd hardly know he was a ninja......"

<Ryo> *Ryo rubs his head "Hello ms. Katsuko"

<Shinji> "Yeah" to Shinkiro "He seems so 'ordinary' here."

<Ryo> *Ms. Katsuko puts on a happy grin and then bitch slaps Ryo

<Ryo> "What have I told you about putting your feet on the table" she says still grinning politley

  • You are now known as Shink

<Ryo> "Uhhhhhh not to do it.........."

 Ryo gets up and sets chair back on it's legs

 Shinji laughs at Ryo getting hit

<Shink> "He left my employ to work here.... I give him a palce, she bitch slaps him, I don't understand people," Shinkiro grumbles

<Ryo> *Ms. Katsuko checks Ryo's working page, "seems like the other two have checked in and not payed. You have allowed this Ryo?"

<Ryo> *Ms.Katsuko shoots a polite grin at Ephy "Sir I would politely ask you to shut your mouth, I'm addresing him, not you..thanks"

<Ryo> [:D]

<Ryo> [*edit=Shinkiro

<Ryo> ]

<Shinji> "Don't eat her Shinkiro. She may look sweet, but I have a feeling that she tastes awful."

 Ryo breathes in deeply to cool his anger "Sorry Ms.Katsuko, It won't happen again"

<Ryo> "Good. You are off shift now. I will take over from here"


 Ryo sighs a sigh of relief and pops his back "I'm getting in the bath" Ryo gives her some money and goes to the backroom to get changed

<Ryo> *Ms.Katsuko: "What a worthless employee"

<Ryo> "You two know him?"

  • You are now known as Mephit

<Ryo> [lol oh god]

  • You are now known as Shink

<Ryo> [somebodah post]

<Shinji> [MEPHIT! Ryo does have the Mephit goo with him...]

<Ryo> [not on me]

<Shinji> "so... Sugar-tits" Shinji looks at Katsuko. "Ever partied with an Uchiha?

<Ryo> "Oh how sweet.....If I wasn't so sure of your sexual preference I would say you were hitting on me"

<Ryo> [dayamn]

<Shink> 'You do play with bubles alot shinji...."

<Ryo> [he plays with bub'les lol]

 Shinji is open mouthed at this bitch's comment

<Shinji> "Whoa whoa whoa. Shinji Uchiha is a kunoichi's man. And yes, I was hitting on you."

<Ryo> "Huh you think I would ever go for an Uchiha? Oh silly boy, hopefully you will find a girl stupid enough to love you"

<Ryo> *Ryo hears this from inside the changing room. He sits down on a bench in there. "Im not going out there anytime soon"

 Shink is enjoying the shinji insults.

<Shinji> "I usually do go for the less than intelligent broads. That was why I tried hitting on you."

<Ryo> "Oh really

<Ryo> '

<Ryo> "Tell me again how I am a dumb broad for starting a chain of bathroom houses all over the world that are all successful"

<Ryo> "What do you do for a living since you're so 'intellugent"

<Ryo> [meant to spelled that way, mocking shinji's intellect]

<Ryo> *ryo opens the door snd strps outside of the changing room and tip toes over to the bath water

<Ryo> [*and steps]

<Ryo> *ryo gently slides into the water with his zebra print trunks on and sighs. He keeps going until he is at shin level

<Ryo> [*chin]

<Shinji> "I'm a jonin ninja. I was part of Takigakure, but then I moved to this fine young man's counter terrorism agency." points at Shinkiro "And I called you dumb for letting him be your employee. If you only knew the stuff he's done, you'd call yourself an idiot for hiring him."

<Ryo> *Ryo sinks deeper into the pool until just his eyes are out of the water

<Ryo> Ms.Katsuko: "Please don't yell in my bath house, you will disturb the other customers" She smiles and puts her hand in a fist

<Ryo> "besides there is no way he can be a ninja, just look at him"

<Ryo> *Ryo rises a bit and sits next to Shink with the water at his chest level. he rests his arms on the sides of the bath "She's right, do I seem like a nin to you?"

<Shinji> "He's a fine ninja! Saved my life plenty of times."

<Shink> "not anymore, you quit to come work for thi bitch...."

<Ryo> Ms.Katsuko laughs "Ohhh how cute, who's little brother is this? The kiddy bath room is next door hun"

<Ryo> [told yah guys, bitch]

<Ryo> *Ryo: "Oh dear Pain....everyday"

<Shink> "Are you mad a fourteen year old is more successful than you?"

<Shinji> "Lady. This kid may not look frightening, but he is the scariest individual I've ever met. Besides the leader of Kuro-Taiyo; he cut my tongue off..."

<Ryo> "fourteen you say.hmmmm.....yup I still believe you qualify for the kiddie pool. Or are you lost...did your family leave you here little guy?"

<Ryo> [she's a jashinist with crazy ass boil release just ta let you know]

<Shink> Shinkiro's face grows visabley angier and much more stern, "On that note, I'll be leaving, wouldn't want anyone to lose thier head."

<Shinji> "Or their heart for that matter..."

<Shinji> [lolz]

<Ryo> "No stay please, but please settle your friend down, I find his flirtations to be too distasteful"

 Shink leaves before he kills the woman.

<Shinji> "I find your bitchy attitude distasteful"

<Shink> [even shin has hhis soft spots =3]

<Ryo> [lol soft= i wont kill you]

<Ryo> "Ryo this is your fault, why did you let it happen?"

<Shink> [sensitive subjects then lol?]

<Ryo> [lol thought you meant you were going 'soft' on her, not that you don't like being called a kid]

<Ryo> *ryo shrugs "better luck next time I guess"

<Shink> [wasn't the kid, was the parents =P, but good night guys o7]

<Ryo> [wait]

<Ryo> [who gonna approve it?]

<Ryo> [pre approve?]

<Shink> [I can't approve myself, send the logs to an OS with a note saying, that it was an RP done in IRC]

<Shink> [just copy pasta]

<Ryo> [k guess me and Shinji will finish up here then and send it in]

<Shink> [night o7]

<Ryo> [night o7]

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