Nuclear Style: Alpha Jutsu

Nuclear Release techniques are a highly advanced version of the Explosive Release. It was first invented Nobu, the Walking Bomb, during his time with the Explosion Corps.

To obtain Nuclear Release, one must first have Explosive Release as a prerequisite. One must also be jounin level to obtain Nuclear Release.

RU has not been used in a long time and may be out of date. If you wish to take this RU, contact the ephors to work on updating the RU.


Note on abilities: Jutsu does damage equal to CP and applies an End debuff equal to half the CP, i.e. a 40 CP jutsu does 40 CP of damage and applies a 20 CP End debuff (-8). Only the endurance stat can be debuffed. If charged to 80 CP, the jutsu does 80 CP of damage and applies a 40 CP debuff to endurance (-12). Multi-target Debuffs apply in the case of AoE attacks.

The RU counts as a CPE RU.

Passive FeatsEdit

  1. Delta Jutsu - The user releases the radiation they constantly make in their body, accelerating their chakra production, and pumping chakra back into the body.
  • First feat = 30 CP - Chunin
  • Second feat = 65 CP - Jonin
  • Third feat = 100 CP - S-Rank

Intermediate (20 CP) JutsuEdit

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit

  1. Alpha JutsuThe user creates a miniture star in their hand or in front of their mouth. This star is then launched. The explosion is massive, reaching up to 15 meters in diameter, and generally leaves the surrounding area a completely wrecked and destroyed wasteland. (40 CP damage, with -8 in endurance for 2 rounds).


  • Nuclear Release can only be obtained if one has the Explosive Release kekkei genkai
  • 核 (kaku) is a kanji often used in conjunction with words that have nuclear in them. However, in words like 原爆 (Genbaku, Nuclear Bomb) 原発事故 (Genpatsujiko, Nuclear accident), 原 (hara, gen) is used. This kanji can be translated usually as "field, origin, primitive, etc."
  • All jutsu used in the Nuclear Release are named after the letters of the Greek Alphabet.

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