Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Ryujin Akabara

Chihiro AkaBara

Hayate Yuki

Tiburan Momochi

Mission ProfileEdit


Catch who's targeting the nude models for kidnapping.


Nude models from the Land of Waves reported that they were being targeted for kidnapping, so they asked ninja to help protect them and catch the nappers. They tried many villages, but when they found out the shinobi would have to pose as nude models, they refused, until Ryujin and her friends agreed.

Mission RecapEdit

Chihiro and Hayate were out together when Ryujin came up and said she had a mission for all of them, but there was a catch. After explaining it to them, they reluctantly agreed. Tiburan, masked, was seen by them and they asked the stranger to come with. With nothing better to do, he agreed. After some time they arrived to the border, and there were two people waiting there to greet them. One was a girl, who was beautiful, but rather rude. The other was a mean who rivaled Hayate in looks. After arriving to the studio they practiced their catwalks, and got naked. They eventually started the show and Many people came. After being insulted by Ryujin, the girl went and killed one of the male models, just as some ninja came in to the building, revealing she was behind it all. After a good battle, the shinobi came out on top. They celebrated, returned home, and never spoke of this mission again.

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