Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Kill a rogue ninja disguised as a nurse.

Mission RecapEdit

The group arrives in the Village Hidden in Meadows, and they approach a shop keeper about the rogue nurse, he is scared, upon further questioning they learn about a jutsu, and her current location. The team travels and Kazuki makes a clone to interact with the woman, unsure of how powerful she is, while the rest of the group hides. Then, after Kazuki attacks her, she creates arrows that launch Vash and the clone towards her, she destroys the clone, and Vash tumbles past her. Battle ensues and Medusa is Light on her feet, and quick to the punch, she dodges most of their attacks, until Kazuki hits her with no name, then a chidori, she moves but is then stunned, the team takes advantage and 'kills' her, she lays on the ground, then vanishes leaving an ominous message...

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