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Escort a caravan of medial supplies and other goods to the Sand Village from Konohagakure

Mission RecapEdit

Okami arrives at the site of the caravan, which is ready to leave.  The caravan leader greets him warmly and directs him to the second guard on the mission, a man named Hikaru.  Okami and Hikaru introduce themselves to each other, and after a short conversation, hop into the caravan and are off to the Sand Village.

The majority of the trip is uneventful, though as they approach the vicinity of the Sand Village, a sandstorm passes through and bandits take the opportunity to attack while under cover of the storm.  Hikaru and Okami both go onto the defensive, with each taking on two bandits.

Okami quickly dispatches one of the bandits facing him, and dodges an arrow from the other bandit which hits one of Hikaru's opponents, killing him.  Quickly abusing the opening, Okami dispatches the second bandit as well.

Two more bandits appear from the sandstorm.  One draws a sword and charges Okami, while the other stays behind and watches for openings in either Hikaru's or Okami's defenses.  Okami is beaten back by the man with the sword due to his nearly unhuman strength, but at the last second, he sees the second bandit sign a jutsu: Wind Release: Vacuum Bullets.

Okami's Sharingan instantly copies the technique, and he turns on the bandit attacking him, planting multiple wind bullets into his body and killing him.  The other bandit attacks, and Okami, managing to get behind him, launches another barrage of bullets into the base of his skull, knocking him out.

Hikaru and Okami dispatch the very last bandit together, and they bring the unconscious bandit, along with the safe cargo of the caravan, to the Sand Village safely.

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