Name: Omega
Kanji: オメガ
Romanji: omega

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Nuclear Release
Class: Offensive
Range: Long
Hand Seals: n/a
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 16
Chakra Level: 20

Omega Jutsu is the most powerful attack in the Nuclear Release arsenal. Extremely compressed and fused chakra is 

Darkseid Omega beam

An example of its redirection capabilites

collected around the eyes, causing the eyes to look as if they are releasing flames. The chakra collecting takes quite a while however (1 round), and must be focused on. The user can move freely, but cannot use jutsu or get hit. Otherwise, the chakra is disrupted. Once all of the chakra has been collected, the Omega Jutsu is released in the form of laser vision. The laser is fired at extremely high speeds, making it very hard to avoid. When it hits the enemy, the chakra exploads on an entirely atomic level, making it "erase" whatever it hits.

Additional feats behind it can allow the laser, still under the chakra control of the user, to be controlled mentally, and redirected into any direction, making it extremely hard to avoid.

Known Users:
Nobu the Walking Bomb

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