Note: the jutsu on this page may be outdated and/or inaccurate, in some cases extremely so. Refer to RU pages for accurate feat descriptions, mechanics, and costs.

Forbidden Jutsu

The following jutsu are banned or restricted from shinobi.

Restriction: Chunin

Restriction: Jonin

Mangekyo Sharingan
Mangekyo Sharingan: Daikirai no Oozora
Kagayaku Byakugan
Immortality: Jashinism, Earth Grudge Fear, etc.

Restriction: S-Rank

Sage Mode

Restriction: Kage

Restriction: Banned

Edo Tensei
Spirit Transformation Technique 
Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets
White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection
Time travel

Basic Chakra Element Nature

The following jutsu use one of the basic five elements.


Dragon's Breath Jutsu
Exploding Flame Crate
Exploding Flame Shot
Fire Release Armour
Great fire destruction Jutsu
Great Fireball
Incinerating Blade
Phoenix Sage Fire Jutsu


Air Palm Blitz
Breezing Wind
Flying Swallow
Gale Palm
Hurricane Pulse
Jinsei Scythe: Precision Slice
Melding in Wind
Ripping Gale
Typhoon Blast
Vaccum Sphere
Vacuum Bullets
Wind of the Tengu Path
Wind Release: Vortex Palm


Arcing Lightning Cutter Kick
Chakra Flow: Chidori Blade Jutsu
Chidori Sharp Spear
Electrical Discharge
False Darkness
Iron Claw
Lightening Blade
Lightning Armor
Lightning Arrow Replication
Lightning Ball
Lightning Beast Jutsu
Lightning Dragon Tornado
Lightning Release
Lightning Release Armour
Lightning Whip Jutsu
Thunder Gate


Added-Weight Rock Jutsu
Crowd Control
Earth Sarcophagus
Earth Totem
Eye of the Blind
Mudslide Jutsu
Seismic Shift
Shinju Zanshu no Jutsu
Stone Fist Jutsu
Underground Projection Fish Jutsu
Yomi no Muma


Attack Prevention Jutsu
Carp Rapid-Fire Gun
Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Giant Vortex
Hidden in Mist Jutsu
Mist Servant Jutsu
Misty Kusarigama
Sparkling Mist
Water Bomb Barrage
Water Bomb Jutsu
Water Clone Jutsu
Water Fang Bullet
Water Gun Jutsu
Water Prison Jutsu
Water Release Projectile
Water Shark Blast
Water shark Wave
Water Trumpet
Water Wall
Whirpool Drill

Basic Combat & Support Jutsu

The following jutsu are based around common styles practised by shinobi all over the world.


Corkskrew Blow
Late Fist
One Thousand Years of Death
Reverse Lotus
Rolling Thunder
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Suna Strong Fist


Demonic Illusion: Dick Binding Death
Dusk Wolves
Hypnotising Gaze
Misdirection Jutsu
Vacuum Creation Jutsu


Basic Turtle Summon
Bat summoning contract
Gokei-ju Yugo
Kemono Yugo
Snake summoning contract; Jafar
Snake summoning contract; Sen Bon
Spirit Wolf
Summon Oniko
Summoning Jutsu Eevee
Summoning Jutsu: Wolf Pack
Transformation: Onizame Stage 1
Transformation: Onizame Stage 2
Summoning Jutsu: Ghost
Summoning Jutsu: Doppleganger


Chakra Chains Technique
Five elements seal
Sealing: Explosive Tag
Currently existing feats


Body Summoning
Dead soul technique
Chakra Absorbtion
Chakra Scalpel
Genetic Mutation Jutsu
Medical Overhaul
Mystical Palm Jutsu
Yin Healing Wound Destruction

Chakra Gates

Chakra Gates 1-4
Chakra Gates 5-8

Item & Equipment Jutsu

The following jutsu revolve around the use of weapons and items carried by shinobi.

Unique Equipment

Blood Syphon Barrel
Chakra Conducting Whip Sword
Chakra Conducting Whip Sword Special Ability
Chakra Conductive Boxing Gloves
Fuyu's Shakuhachi
Hand Cannon
Jinsei Hammer
Jinser Hammer
Noran's Divider & Syndra's Splitter
Sword of Kusanagi
Swords of the Moon


Manipulated Shuriken Jutsu
Extra Equipment


Crenscent Shaped Chakra
Blade Flair
Crescent Moon Beheading
Dance of the Infinite Sword
Dance of the New Moon
Dance of the sleeping
Flying Blades
Line of Fire
Blade Revolution
Blade of Pandora
Summoning Sword


Chakra Threading Jutsu
Chakra Threads
Puppet Arms


Poison Coat
Poisoned Senbon


Shadow Clone
Special Substitution

Animal Companion Jutsu

The following jutsu entail the use of a creature aiding the shinobi.

Dog Companion

Double-Headed Wolf: Fang wolf fang
Fang Passing Fang
Four Legs

Bear Companion

Beast Transformation: Great Bear
Fang Over Fang
Ninja Animal: Bear Cub

Kikaichu Beetle Companion

Kikaichu Beetle Swarm

Kumochu Spider Companion

Kumochu Spider Swarm
Tripwire Detection Technique

Eye Jutsu

The following jutsu use unique eye's and their abilities.


Attack Prediction
Copy Ninja


360 X-Ray Vision
Ability to see chakra points with Byakugan

Jikangai Eye

Jikangai Eye Stage 1
Jikangai Eye Stage 2

Body Jutsu

The following techniques alter the users form in some way.

Absolute Hatred

Unlocked Hatred

Wild Lion's Mane

Wild Lion's Mane Technique
Wild Mane Binding

Curse Mark

Curse Mark 1st State
Curse Mark 2nd State


Bone Clone
Dance of the Clematis Flower
Dance of the Willow


Hydrification Technique

Shark transformation

Summoning: Toraiya Stage 1

Complex Chakra Element Nature

The following jutsu result from combining two or more chakra natures into a new unique chakra nature.

Blaze Release

Boil Release

Dust Release

Clan Dust Armor
Dust Clone Technique
Flight Technique
Particle Bomb
Particle Prison
Particle Punch
Particle Shield

Gravity Release

Flying Hammer
Gravity Acceleration Jutsu
Gravity Touch

Ice Release

Absolute Zero
Diamond Dust
Glare of the Frost Prince
Ice Armour
Ice Clone Technique
Ice Launch
Ice Barrage
Icicle Fall
Insta-Freeze Beam
Sword Freezer

Lava Release

Rubber Wall

Scorch Release

Storm Release

Laser Gun

Wood Release

Great Forest Technique
Wood Binding
Wood Clones
Wood Totem
Wood Vortex

Unusual Chakra Nature

The following jutsu use a chakra nature uncommon in the shinobi world


Running Wall


Explosive Earth
Explosive Palm
Sho Dobutsu


Mud Flood
Mud Shuriken
Underground Mud Fish


Crystal Armour
Crystal Needles
Jade Crystal Blade


Iron and Nickel Sand Drizzle
Iron and Nickel Sand Gathering Assault


Chakra Chains
Flare Bomb


Yin Release Mirage Clone


Light Bending Slash


Hawk's Scream
Meshada Jutsu
Oko No Jutsu
Trilling Devil

Light Style

Crow Tool Transformation
Healing of the Pure


Vine Prison

Unique Abilities & Jutsu

The following jutsu are unique to a particular clan or defy categorisation into one of the above.


Eye Hunter Jutsu
Genetic Mutation Technique
The Rite of Passage


Chakra Absorbtion

Chakra Absorption Jutsu


Honed Bursts Technique
Sanguine Pool

Kiku Gaisho

Anata no Oto
Bringer of Darkness Technique
Chakra Concentration


Transmute Weapon


The Kekkei Genkai of the Nonden Clan

Arctic Mirage

Image Displacement

Jigoku Thick Oil

Crude Oil
Oil Shedding

Gentle Fist

Gentle Fist

Shadow Manipulation

Shadow Gathering Technique
Shadow Imitation Jutsu

Living Shadow

Independent Shadow Imitation Jutsu
Shadow Harmony Fighting Style
Shadow Wall Technique

Mind Transfer

Mind Body Switch Technique

Combination Jutsu

The following jutsu require two or more ranks in order to perform them.

Two Ranks

Body of the Shachihoko
Hell's Rasengan
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Teqnique
Lightning Release Armor
MS Amaterasu
MS Kamui
Wind Release: Chakra Threads
Sage Arts
Copy-nin abilities/multiple elemental affinities
Byakugan/Hyuga taijutsu style (i.e. kaiten, gentle fist, etc.)

Three Ranks

MS Tsukuyomi
MS Event Occurrence

Four Ranks

Five Ranks

Six Ranks

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