Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2/24/2014
  • Submitted by: Sasori
  • Rank: B
  • Overseer: Hiwa
  • QP Reward: 3
  • Ryo Reward: 1500

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Sasori 2000 extra ryo
  • Gaaran
  • Jin

Mission ProfileEdit


get the panty thief


A guy stole yamis panties

Mission Recap:

gaaran finds a man has stolen yamis panties. as he goes to chase him sasori explains how he must be one of the perverted ninja that escaped him. jin appears and tries to convince the two he may not be all bad and the man runs by. he is being chased by a girl. he tosses her panties at sasori and she punches him to get them back. the 3 then attack the man but he summons bears to defend himself and ususes lightning. its a long hard fight but they soon get the thief. he tosses all the panties he took to another man which they also fight and defeat!

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