Personal Information
Username NPC
Age 4,592
Gender Male/Female
Height 18'9"
Weight 547lbs
Affiliation Kirigakure
Rank Genin

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

His visage is one of pure beauty. Elegant, graceful in every way imaginable. His smile melts the hearts of both mortals and gods, all are equal underneath him. 


Strength: 78
Speed: 4
Intelligence: 94
Chakra Levels: 435
Chakra Control: 3
Endurance: 9
Banked: 0

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Water Release
Genin 2: Ice Release
Chunin: Beauty Release
Jonin:  Plot Release
S-Rank: Danimal Release
Kage Rank: Lord of Water


Feats earned so far: 1
Banked feats: 0

  1. Beauty Release: Transfixing Gaze- When Pengu looks into the eyes of any other being, they are overcome by his raw beauty. This disables them regardless of how powerful they are, and it is guaranteed to work. 3 cp 

History and Story Yet to be revealed, as it would be far too much to handle. 

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