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Personal Information
Age 8 (deceased)
Gender Female
Height 4'01"
Weight 80lbs
Affiliation Outlanders
Clan N/a
Rank S-Rank


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Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Penny is a very bright and cheerful young girl, often cheering and clapping whenever something interesting happens, and she finds a lot of things interesting. Despite her age, Penny has seen to be terrifying when it comes to battle. Her smile and confidence, as well as her talking to her bear often intimidate the people she battles. She has developed her own personality for her teddy bear, whom she calls Mr. Bear. This Bear often gives her horrible advice, and very violent and evil ways to do things. Penny, despite absolutely crazy, is actually a very nice girl and wants to help people, but only helps the Outlanders. In her subconcious, she knows the Outlanders arent good, but the Bear wants her to stay so she does. If the bear she carries around constantly is destroyed, she will at first be angry, but then turn to the good side.


Strength: ?
Speed: ?
Intelligence: ?
Chakra Levels: ?
Chakra Control: ?
Endurance: ?

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Explosive Release
Genin 2: Water Release
Chunin: Boil Release
Jonin: Ursa Seishin
S-Rank: Nuclear Release
Kage Rank: ?


Abilities Unknown


Unknown Equipment

History and StoryEdit

Penny was born in Kirigakure, and abandonned as a young child, and she was left with her own teddy bear, who she stuck close with. She used to be abused constantly, so her mental state was not at its best, and she traveled all the way across the Land of Fire, into Suna, looking for food. She eventually came across the Outlanders, and was taken in and trained to be a ninja. She repressed all her anger and evil into one personality, which she assigned into her bear. The bear now speaks to her as a split personality and gives her awful advice. She was implanted with the Bear Demon, Ursa, and is constantly tourtured by it. 

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