Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Kill the leader of the Mantis Group to scatter the gang.


The leager, Yaguchi Kazuma, can be found in Ishigakure, he is a missing-nin, and the only thing that holds the mantis thugs together.

Mission RecapEdit

The group of three ninja meet at the entrance to the rock village eager to begin their mission. They depart and along the way they meet up with their teammate Raku. He was anxious to go on the mission and departed early. The team reunites, and heads on their way. As they chit chat down the main road they notice the sun setting and decide to stop and camp for the night.  After an hour or so a wagon with 6 muscular men pulls into the rest area where the team was camping. In the middle of the night they pack up and leave. As they roll past the team they spring their ambush. The team defeats the goons, with Takumi and Raku receiving serious wounds (more from the removal of the arrow than the initial wound). Raku is for the most part unaffected because his puppet arms and chakra threads and Takumi takes a military rations pill to heal his wounds. The group arrives in town and raids the wagon they commandeered. They find a trade manifest that says the wagon was to go to a warehouse in town. They head there and find the boss of the Mantis Group. They sneak to the warehouse and turn Raku’s puppet Saru invisible. The ambush works flawlessly and the man is knocked unconscious. All participants were awarded 3 QP and 1000 Ryo.

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