Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013-6-16
  • Submitted by: Clais/Hokori
  • Rank: B (Chunin Rank Up)
  • Overseer: Seianat
  • Recapper: Hokori
  • QP Reward: 3
  • Ryo Reward: 2000

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


guard the brothel and women form the thief Clais and Hokori were hired by a pimp to protect his brothel and women from a thief who was not paying.


They had to protect a brothel from a non-paying costumer. 

Mission RecapEdit

When they got to the adderss, they went in through the back and were met by the girls and the pimp.  The pimp ordered them to stand by the door, where they stayed for many hors.  They wer unable to move or eat ebcause they might miss the thief.  Then and large, tanky man appeared and walked into the brothel.  He was instantly swarmed by the girls, and the duo was pushed aside.  The two eaited until the man was finiwhed and confronted him.  However, the man overpowered them adn rushed out the door.  Clais tried to trip the man, but was pushed aside.  Hokori flickered in front fo him and fired a particle bomb at him, but it barley phased the man, and Hokori was pushed aside, too.  Then Clais fired a lightning finger-bang at the man.  This angered him, and he started running towards the two.  Hokori flickered behind the man and slashed at him with his dust beab, but the man only received minor cuts, and managed to kick Hokori back.  Then Clais fired his White Lightning and threw a kunai into it, creating a lightning charged kunai combo attack.  The man took the full brunt of the move, but didn't seem to care.  However, he went down, grunted, and was able to get back up.  Then Hokori flickered in front of him and stabbed him in the gut with the dust beam.  The mn went back down and stayed there.  Clais attempted to attack gim with his lightning sword, but the man rolled away and only reveived a minor cut.  However, Hokori launched a particle bomb at the man followed by a fuma shuriken.  Both attacks hit and the man was down for the count.  Hokori and Clais took him back to the pimp and collected their reward.

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