Name: Poltergeist
Kanji: ポルターガイスト
Romanji: Porutāgaisuto

Classification: Taijutsu
Parent Rank: Taijutsu Specialist
Class: Offensive
Range: Long
Hand Seals: N/a
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 9
Chakra Level: 9

The user funnels chakra into their body, incredibly increasing their movements. Then they throw a punch so fast, that a very powerful shockwave emits from it. The shockwave blasts at the opponent with an incredible amount of power and force, that it catches fire. The blast looks slightly like this. However, due to the speed and power that comes from it, if the user is under the power of the 8 gates, it costs significantly less Chakra.

(20 CP when not under the influence of the 8 gates. When you are, the jutsu costs 5 CP)

Known Users:
Nobu the Walking Bomb

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