Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 08-06-2013
  • Submitted by: Nobu
  • Rank: S
  • Overseer: Nobu
  • QP Reward: 4
  • Ryo Reward: 6000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Nui Uchiha
  • Kazuki Itou
  • Orr Tann
  • Tiburan Momochi

Mission ProfileEdit


Destroy or Decommision the Chakra Tower


With two towers down and three left to go, another group has been called in to take care of yet another chakra tower of the Outlanders. The fifth compound, located on the border between the Land of Wind and the Land of Stones. A very rocky area, with tall hills and mountains surrounding the compound. The captain said to lead this one is Purido. The ninja are to meet within a set of coordinates a mile away from the compound given to them.

Mission RecapEdit

The group meets up at the point, and they venture over to the fort. It starts to rain as they try and sneak over to it, and the guards rush inside. Darkness spills out of the fort and it turns out Purido, the captain, knows that they are there. He attacks them with his shadows, but they dodge. But he was counting on them doing that. Tiburan and Kazuki fall into a cavern and are intercepted by 3 jounin level Outlanders. They fight and defeat them. Nui falls in a cavern filled with many Outlander soldiers but she kills all of them with ease. Finally, she is going to finish off the last one, but is is stopped by Eshen, second in command to the outlanders. Meanwhile, Orr falls into a tunnel that leads to the chakra tower. He is met by Raki, the Dragon Lord, and Orr prepares to fight him. However, Raki convinces him to join the Outlander resistance. Raki leaves and asks him to destroy the tower, which Orr does. Nui is visited by Raki and Eshen, and they both dissapear. She finally goes to Orr, and they are confronted by Purido, who wishes to kill them to protect his pride. Tiburan and Kazuki show up, and they fight for a little while, but Purido decides that he must retreat for now. He leaves, rendering the mission complete.

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