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Rescue Himeko.


The very lovely Himeko was kidnapped on the day of her wedding and her fiance and father-in-law to be have hired ninjas to take the princess back. The kidnappers and Himeko-hime have been traced to a small island.

Mission RecapEdit

Orr and Eclipse boarded a boat bound for the island of the kidnapper, Yoichi. They conversed with the captain on the way. When they arrived at they island they walked onto a beach that had a pathway leading in. As soon as they stepped on it, a seal went off preventing their use of chakra.

They walked along the path towards the castle and the path became a narrow road with cliffs on either side. The path then led to a fast moving stream, leading to a tall waterfall, with rocks that had been tagged with explosives. They had to carefully jump across, careful of the wet rocks and careful to not disturb the tags. They made it across and then walked on for some distance before they came to a rickety bridge made of two ropes strung across a ravine. Orr almost fell as he crossed, but was able to get to the other side. They then continued on and encountered a garden maze. Orr took only right turns, so it took them some time, but they eventually made their way to a set of two doors. A riddle was posed for them to choose the correct entrance. Orr asked the proper question and made the correct choice, so they entered the lower part of the castle.

There they encountered a burly man with swords. Orr tried to talk with him to reason him out of continuing with his mercenary ways, but the man was having none of that and attacked Eclipse. Orr used a smoke bomb to obscure visibility, though then no one could see anyone. The man cleared the room with a fireball, then the battle resumed. It was mostly a melee battle between Eclipse and the man, with blows exchanged on both sides, and Orr contributed by throwing flash bombs and lightning tagged kunai at the man to create openings for Eclipse. They subdued the man and were able to get the keys to enter the castle and rescue Himeko.