Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Escort the Princess safely, from Kiri to Oto.


Princess Mayona was sent to Kiri by her father, Fuedal Lord Zur. She was to request that the missing Kiri-nin planning to storm her fathers palace be dealt with. Her task complete, now she must return home.

Mission RecapEdit

The three ninja arrive along with the princess. They exchange formalities and begin their journey. They need only take the princess to the docks where her father awaits her; this is but a short one day journey.

They chit chat along the way and make it to the docks safely. There they see the feudal lords boat, but no one is on it. It rocks eerily along the dock. The ninja hop on and investigate. In the lower deck they found the Lord and crew held captive by thugs. Allen Walker dispatched two thugs with his chakra chains.  Hayate Yuki used his speed along with his katana to kill the head thug and on other thug as well as using his chidori to kill the final one.  The princess was delivered to her father and they were able to return home.  The ninjas were rewarded for their actions.

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