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Act as bodyguards to their respective village's delegates, who are going to a diplomatic meeting.

Mission RecapEdit

The delegates from the Leaf, Mist and Sand arrived to the meeting spot, the first protected by Lorcian, the second by Allen and the third by the cousins Orr and Rantos. All found the meeting boring, with Rantos and then Orr moving to talk to Allen to pass the time. Lorcian decided to keep to herself, not interacting with the other ninja.

After a few minutes of conversation, Orr heard a sound coming from the bushes behind him, making all the ninja go to defensive positions in front of their delegates. Nothing seemed to happen, but Orr sent Rantos to check the bushes. The female Sand-nin then heard sounds coming from above her, and finds what seemed like a figure prepared to shoot an arrow at one of the delegates. Combat then started, Orr managing to kill one of the archers with a Particle Bomb. Two other archers sent their arrows at the delegates, Rantos stopping one with her Particle Shield and Lorcian tried to stop one with her sword, but failed and the arrow lodged itself in her hip.

Allen, who had been scribbling in a book during the battle, then ripped the page he was writing on, revealing it to be a explosive tag which he stuck to one of his Chakra Chains, then extending the chain to the archers' position and exploding the tag, killing the last two archers. The final ninja decided to attack Orr with a Chidori, but changes direction and ends up clashing with Rantos, who used her Particle Punch head-on against the lightning jutsu. Lorcian inalized the ninja with his Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes jutsu, putting him in a catatonic state. Rantos wrapped her weighted chain around him, and used a sealing tag to secure it.

The mission ended with a brief scuffle between Lorcian and the Tanns over who would depart with the prisoner, the former backing down since she was out-numbered. All four ninjas and delegates then left to their respective villages, with Orr going to another location with the prisoner.

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