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Escort the Prince to the palace


A teenage boy is walking through the streets of Konoha, when he stops to ask a man with bandages on his eyes if he can direct him to the hokage building. The man asks why, and the boy explains he is the prince of the feudal lord and he needs an escort home. The man tells him his name is Zamikaba, and he will take him on his mission. After choosing two more people, Shinkirō Gami and Tiburan Momochi, they set off.

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Throughout their walk, the boy wonders why they are wearing Akatsuki outfits.

All of a sudden, rustling in the bushes can be heard. That’s when a bunny comes out, but surprisingly so does a ninja from above. Zamikaba easily kills him with his kusarigama, and ninja can be heard saying “Oh no, get back! The rumors are true about the Akatsuki!” and they run away. The prince becomes jealous of the cool power these shinobi must have and is excited to invite them to dinner, until they arrive at the end of the forest...

Around 30 men with all sorts of different weapons were blocking the path forward. “Heh, when our guys told us the Akatsuki were coming with the boy, we didn’t believe ‘em.” The man in front says. He looks at another: “Guess I owe you 200 ryo.”. The shinobi tell them it would be unwise to attack, but the leader does so anyway.

He runs towards them, kunai pointed. The three ninja casually await him, joking about how this is because they are famous and how Shinkirō would have joined, if he knew it was this much fun. Zamikaba throws down a flash bomb, and kills him with his crossbow, then readies his scythe and kills four more.

Tiburan summons a mass of water and uses water wave to push the enemy back. Shinkiro stays by the prince to guard him with his willow dance. Tiburan uses underground projection fish technique to sneak behind the enemy, and takes out a few before getting stabbed in the leg. Shinkirō uses misdirection to disorient the enemies, and Zamikaba takes out many more. Tiburan gets knocked out with a lightning slap jutsu, then the other two shinobi finish them off.

They continue on to the palace, then eat dinner delightfully. Shinkirō asks to be the boy’s bodyguard, but he replies that he has too many already. They both laugh, he pays them, and they head back to Konohagakure.