Puppets require a unique fighting style that combines creativity with devastating attacks. A puppeteers strongest weapon is his cunning. His feats are acts of precision and ingenuity as opposed to brute strength. Because of this the defining stat for puppeteers is chakra control rather than strength. The ninja controls the puppet from the edge of the battlefield using threads. He sends his puppet into the fray to do the dirty work.

A puppeteer with excellent control can use stronger, faster, and heavier puppets. Therefore puppets gain stats dependent upon the user's CC (x3) to be divided by standard methods between Strength, Speed, and END. (Pro: Mimics summons and animal companions. END added to puppets. 

Example: Sank's CC is 14. 14x3=42 sp to divide between Reaper's 3 stats. Reaper's stats become Strength-12, Speed-12, END-12. Each puppet gets this number of sp to divide between stats. M&F's stats become Strength-17, Speed-16, END-6. Chimera's stats become Strength-6, Speed-11, END-17.

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