Puppet MasterEdit

First off, being a puppet master requires a Rank Upgrade. This Rank Upgrade unlocks chakra thread related abilities and the taking of actual puppets.

This feat must be taken in order to control any puppets:

Chakra Threads - the user is able to emit chakra threads from his chakra points. The chakra threads can be attached to a puppet to control movement. (10CP to create, 5CP per round to maintain)

Additionally, each puppet requires a feat.

Q: How much can I first take on my puppet? Can he start full of hidden weapons, or does he begin 'plain' until I spend more feats on him?

A: A mix of both. When a puppet is first taken it should be fairly bare-bones with maybe one nice puppet trick installed in it. Additional tricks and abilities can be added with more feats. 

Q: How is my puppet's effectiveness in battle determined?

A: Your puppet receives SP equal to your own CC stat times 3. The SP can be spread as you wish across the stats of Strength, Speed, and Endurance. For an example, if you have 10 CC this gives you 30 SP to distribute for your puppet's stats. This is also given to each puppet you have. If you have 2 puppets, then each has 30 SP to distribute as you see fit. More information on this is described here.

Q: When I want to make a puppet better, what are the guidelines?

A: First off be very clear which of your puppets (if more than one) you are buffing. Next, compare your additions to a standard feat choice. 

Q: Can I give my equipment to my puppet?

A: Yes! If you take smoke bombs feel free to stick them in a spring launcher in your puppet's chest.

The thing to be very detailed about though is exactly where your equipment is. The easiest way is to list it in the equipment section for each taken piece of equipment, whether it's equipped to you or your puppet, and how it's equipped to your puppet.
Any equipment you take that is not specifically taken in a specific way on your puppet is assumed by the overseer to be carried by you.
Equipment listed as a 'set' cannot be given to a puppet, that's equipped to you only. Use feats if you want a shuriken barrage launcher or a kunai cannon.

Q: Can I give my puppet legendary equipment?

A: Puppets may be equipped with no more than 2 legendary weapons each.

Q: Can I control as many puppets as I want?

A: Not exactly. You may take feats for as many puppets as you want, one feat each, but only control one at a time in a battle.

A feat can be spent for the ability to control extra puppets at the same time.

Multi-attack guidelines apply to puppets as well. There are no free multi-attacks for puppet-masters and one additional multi-attack feat allows for ONE additional puppet to be controlled.

Following the multi-attack guidelines, controlling multiple puppets works thusly: each puppeteer can, as a base, control one puppet or use one jutsu each round. To do so, the puppeteer must have the chakra threads ability, which costs 10 to initiate and 5 CP/round to keep going. If for some reason, the chakra threads must be abandoned or are severed, then they must be reinitiated at full cost. If the puppet master wishes to use another jutsu (that isn't, for example, just a buff or supplementary technique) he/she must use a multi-attack plus the extra jutsu. A multi-attack must be used for each additional jutsu or puppet used. This means that to use three puppets at once, the user must be capable of using 3 jutsu (3 x the chakra threads ability) and pay appropriate initiation and activation costs for all jutsu in use - multiple instances of chakra threads and multiple levels of multi-attacks.

Q: I want to focus on being a puppet master, so what should I do with my other Rank Upgrades?

A: Some recommended Rank Upgrade choices could be:

  • Weapons Specialist , for decking out your puppets.
  • Poison, so you can attach poison darts and other nasties to your puppets.
  • An elemental chakra nature, no need to be totally defenseless if they get past your puppets.
  • Genjutsu, be the trickiest of the tricky.
  • A cool OC Rank Upgrade.

Q: Can puppets replace parts of my body?
A: Not exactly. You may take a puppet arm to help with controlling more puppets (following multi-attack rules) or to conceal an interesting trick. You may also take other modifications to add tricks. However, any of these abilities must use your own stats and you cannot use a puppet shell or enhancements to boost your own stats without following the normal stat boosting guidelines.

Human Puppet RUEdit

By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition, as well as adding weapons and defenses, The user can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any kekkei genkai that the human host once had. (This is a separate RU from Puppet master)

Requirements: Puppet Master

User must retrieve the body that they wish to create the puppet from, I.E. if you want a puppet user who can use fire release, you have to hunt down someone with fire release, if you want someone with Storm Release, have to hunt someone down with storm release, and so on. (can be NPCs)

Stats: 3x users cc distributed between strength, speed, Chakra Control, and Endurance (Like normal Puppets)

Cp cost 40cp/ 10cp maintain (Maintain cost counts as Chakra thread cost). Puppet comes out with the cp invested into it (40cp used = it has a 40cp Pool) that they can use for jutsu that the puppet may know

A feat could also be used to grant the puppet more CP, so they can use more jutsu during a mission. The additional feat increases the puppets base CP by 1.5 Example: a feat given to a 40 CP puppet gives it 60cp when summoned

Counts toward the amount of puppets able to be controlled at a time and all the usual multi-attacking abilities.

There is a rank restricted cap on the number of feats that can be allocated to a puppet, with 1 feat per rank. Genin = 1 (puppet), chunin = 2 (puppet + 1 additional feat), jonin = 3 (puppet + 2 augments), s-rank = 4 (puppet + 3 augments), kage = 5 (Puppet + 4 augments).

The user is able to give their Human Puppets jutsu, augmentations, ect... for a feat 

A feat can be used to give your puppet the ability to use jutsu that would fall under a rank upgrade (water release, fire release, genjutsu, poison techniques). If you allocate one feat to the purpose of granting jutsu use to your puppet, you receive 4 “points” that can be used to “purchase” jutsu. Basic jutsu costs 1 point, intermediate costs 2 points, and taxing techniques cost 4 points. Normal rules for jutsu costs apply, as do CC requirements for using basic, intermediate, and taxing jutsu.

For Augmentations it is 1 feat = 1 Augmentation to the Puppet such has hidden blade, chain shooters, ect...

Just like Normal Puppets, the user is able to giver a human puppet equipmeant that they may have such as smoke bombs, a sword, armor, ect...

Puppet BodyEdit

The User has given up their flesh and bones, turning them into the very things they control, a living Puppet. This allows the user to place various things all inside of there body, it it wings to flame throwers. The last of the users living essence is store away in a small container located somewhere on there body.

Requirements: Jonin Rank and Puppet Master


Puppet Body Immortality (Core of Living Flesh) – The user no longer has any flesh to their body, they are a living puppet. The only living part is their heart stored in a specialized case somewhere on there body that sustains them. The only way to kill the user his by destroying the casing that holds their heart. Because the User's body is now made of mechanical parts, they no longer feel any pain since they no longer have nerves to feel it.

Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Intermediate (20 CP) JutsuEdit

Reattachment - The user is able to reconnect limbs that may have been cut, or ripped off of them using chakra threads (20cp per limb)

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit


Puppet augmentations (unique feats) (Unique augmentations to the users body such as wings, tail, hidden blades, chain shooter, chakra barrier shields, ect…) (must fallow rules such as multi attack and so on) (Make it up but will require approval.)

Known UsersEdit

Sankuro Chikamatsu
Sho Chikamatsu
Elijah Tsur
Katashi Ishinoko

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