Pure Release involves the generation and manipulation of 'pure' energy. The use of the energy is wide, being able to fire long range beam techniques, or to produce a shield wall. It can be manipulated by the user, much like Blaze Release. 

RU has not been used in a long time and may be out of date. If you wish to take this RU, contact the ephors to work on updating the RU.


Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Pure Release: Energy Fists - The user envelops their hands in an aura of pure release, when the user punches, a fist made of pure release appears following their movement. The fist attack has a range of around 15 feet radius from the user. [5 CP upkeep.]

Pure Release: Flight - The user envelops their body in pure release aura, allowing flight. [5 CP upkeep.]

Pure Release: Zword - The user channels pure release energy into their sword, increasing its cutting power [5 Cp upkeep.]

Pure Release: Surge - It allows the user to rush forward a short distance while cloaked in pure release energy, stunning and blinding enemies on contact.

Intermediate (20 CP) JutsuEdit


A giant Pure Release: Galaxy Buster

Pure Release: Galaxy Buster - The user generates an orb of pure release energy in their hands or in front of them depending how big they want it, and fires it like a lazer. The beam is extremely hot, and can be manipulated for a short time.

Pure Release: Energy Disk - The user generates a disk of energy on their hand, and throws it. It can be manipulated after its been thrown.


Pure Release: Gift of the Fallen

Pure Release: Gift of the Fallen - The user compresses an orb of pure release into their hands, but uses it as pinpoint attack instead of a beam, slamming it into the target, creating an explosion of energy, much like what the effects of Rasenshuriken looks like.

Pure Release: Unbreaking - The user creates a bubble shield of pure release around themselves, can be broken by an intermediate attack or strong enough physical prowess (20+ Str). [10 CP upkeep, can be repaired for 20 CP if broken.]

Getsuga Tensho in Shikai

Pure Release: Getsuga Tenshou - After coating their blade in pure release energy, the user swipes their sword, unleashing a blast of energy.

Pure Release: Holy Burst - It allows the user to do a spinning attack together with another pure release user, firing orbs or streams of light out of their swords that do mass damage. (Costs both users 20 cp)

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit


Pure Release: Triumph

Pure Release: Triumph - The user charges pure release energy in their hands until it expands into a huge sphere, then they hurl it at the target, which explodes upon impact, the blast is huge, but it can also catch the user in it.


Pure Release: Mega Tenshou - After coating their sword in pure release energy, the user slashes quickly, resulting in a huge blast of energy that is very hard to dodge and is huge compared to the size of Getsuga Tenshou.

Pure Release: Condemed  - The attack consists charging energy in a steady form, then swinging their sword up. Columns of light continuously erupt from the ground around them, damaging any nearby enemies.

Pure Release: Retribution- The user channels pure chakra into an orb in their hand. The orb is launched or slammed into the oppenent like a rasengan, and once it hits the opponent, the chakra courses through the body of the opponent, destroying it, or "purifying" it from the inside

Known UsersEdit

Clais Hontane
Kazuki Itou

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