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Eliminate a group of bandits who have been preying uppon merchants.


The raikage has asked that the group deal with a group of bandits. Okami is joining the two Kumo-nin to help stregthen ties between Kumo and Ame. The ninja have been given the location of the bandits, and need only find their camp and dispatch them. 

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja arrive at the front gate of Kumo and after brief introductions head on their way. They travel along the road for a while heading towards the location of the bandit camp. Eventually they head off the road and into the woods as they near the location of the bandit camp. After a short walk they notice several tents and small fires in the distance. They sneak towards the bandit encampment and rig the surrounding area with traps. After that Ibuki throws some stones at the thugs causing a commotion amongst them. The man apparently in charge emerges, discovers Ibuki’s location and lobs a paper bomb his way. The blast destroys the ninjas cover. Ibuki and Okami engage the thugs and leader in melee while Kiyoshi barrages them from afar. The leader is a puppet (controller got away?) and is hacked and slashed apart along with his thugs. In the several rounds of ensuing combat all three ninja were injured, Okami and Ibuki severely so.