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Aquire the Ichiraku Ramen recipe.


The owner of the "The Ramen Bucket", a small man with a Napoleon's complex, believes that the steady diet of Ichiraku ramen was responsible for the late 6th Hokage's trademark chakra reserves and endurance. Anxious to start the diet and save his buisness, he turns to his villages shinobi for help. 

Mission Recap:Edit

The Iwagakure team journeyed for several days to reach the outskirts of the fire country. After nearing Konoha a day earlier than expected, the team decided to head back into the forest surrounding Konoha and wait for their informant to show at the ramen shop tomorrow. They went to sleep and were awoken by attack by four bandits, two of which were ninja. The team defeated them but Hikaru received a serious injury from taking a Tanto to his stomach. Luckily the team found a healing pill amongst the dead ninja and Hikaru was able to heal his injuries. The team entered Konoha and met their informant at the ramen shop the next day. After saying the pass phrase, “ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli,” Takumi was taken to a back room and given an envelope containing the formula. The mission was a success; everyone received 1000 Ryo and 3 quest points.

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