Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Get that rank upgrade.


they got that rank upgrade.

Mission RecapEdit

  • Players wake on crumbling overgrown patio surrounded by forest
  • The introduce themselves and notice an orange glow in the distance
  • Figure out the glow is fire
  •  Run away
  • Come to silver lake
  • Read plaque about life costing them, and that one player needs to infuse the “water” in their bodies. The water is an extremely acidic poison. Masaki has one of his animated bodies drink it.
  • Boat appears, boat has map to tower and is powered by the ninja’s chakra. Ninja’s need to save chakra, so they meditate and work to gather to cross.
  • Riddle room; ninjas use their reflection to escape to freedom.
  • Final room they must divide into team roles. They chose Nui as leader (loses use of her arms), Orr as support(loses use of legs), Naf as healer (loses all aggressive tendencies), and eclipse as fighter (loses al chakra). They must work together to defeat a powerful Chunin kenjutsu user.
  • They do, all participants receive rank upgrade, 2000 ryo, and 4 QP

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