Mission Details

Ninja TeamEdit


To find the cause of disturbances in the supply route.


Each ninja were asked separately to find out what was wrong because supplies were coming in slow.

Mission RecapEdit

After meeting up, and small talking for a while, the 3 ninja head out. Chihiro and Kantaro both knew Allen, but not each other. They see a caravan and find out they were not attacked, but they heard of people who were. After stealthily following the route for some time, Kantaro suggests they camp out till nightfall, as they are more likely to come out then, and they could be drawn to the ninja's presence. They take turns watching guard at night, until Allen hears something, and wakes up kantaro. They learn it is a group of men preparing to attack them. Kantaro wakes up Chihiro, and they all fight. It all goes smoothly, but Allen gets an arrow in his shoulder. To try and help, Kantaro punches it to see if it will come out, but it doesn't, and Allen passes out from the pain. Chihiro saw this as an act of hostility from the Akatsuki and attacked. They fight for some time, then Chihiro says she was wrong to do so and they should bring Allen to a hospital. Chihiro carries Allen, and Kantaro drags the 3 thugs back to the village to be put in jail.

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