Name: Reap: Kazeshini
Kanji: unknown
Romanji: unknown

Classification: Taijutsu/Kenjutsu
Parent Rank: None
Class: Offensive
Range: ...All?
Hand Seals: Unknown
Chakra Control: 0


In the mission prior to Kai being promoted to a Jonin, Kai had the please of being abducted for an experiment with the Synod. It was during this abduction that Kai was brought to their ship, but while there, Kai was able to do some snooping around ina room full of crates. There, Kai found a scroll containing the legendary bladed weapon, "Kazeshini." Kazeshini is a unique bladed weapon, in that there are two " T " blades, both being connected with a chain. However, this isn't any ordinary chain. Somehow, the synod developed the weapon so that the chain could extend itself to GREAT lenghts, allowing the user to throw one of the " T " blades at an opponent, while keeping the other end for personal defense. After recieving the blade and discovering its interesting properties, Kai decided to give the blade to his summon, Kira, and allow him to use it.


Kai Kigen's "Kazeshini" blade.

Feat Description:
  • Reap: Kazeshini! -- This feat allows the user to wield the double bladed "Kazeshini." Kazeshini is a bladed weapon comprised of two uniquely shaped "T" bladed, where both are connected by a chain. As a legendary item, the blade cannot be broken in batte, and the user is granted the following legendary passive:
    • Legendary Passive: The Omnipotent Chain. -- The wielder of this blade is able to take advantage of Kazeshini's unique chain length, where the user can throw one of the "T" blades across great distances, equal to that of a Bow firing an arrow. As a result, the chance to hit is based on the user's strength. It is also important to note that since the "T" blades are attached to this unique chain, the user can also manipulate the chain to allow some flexibilty when throwing Kazeshini at an opponent. In otherwords, this gives the user's throw better precision/aim with Kazeshini, including the ability to throw Kazeshini around objects. Of course, due to Kazeshini's unique blade structure, the wielder can throw one "T" blade at an opponent, and still hold the other "T" blade to help with personal defense. Note: If the wielder wishes, they could pay an additional 20 cp to add extra strength and damage to their throw, speeding up how fast Kazeshini is thrown.

Known Users:
Kai Kigen

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