Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 7/16/2013
  • Submitted by: Orr
  • Rank: A - Suna Arc
  • Overseer: Nobu
  • Recapper: Orr
  • QP Reward: 4 & 3 (Orr)
  • Ryo Reward: 4000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Orr
  • Taro
  • Okami
  • Kazuki Itou

Mission ProfileEdit


Take down the first tower.


The time has come to begin assault on the compounds. Several mercanaries, Taro, Kazuki Itou and Okami Uchiha have been paired with Orr Tann of Suna to take out and destroy one of the compounds. This will help to deactivate the large chakra shield covering the main base of the Outlanders. The compound is located near the border between the Land of Wind and the Land of Rivers, and is covered by forests as such. The four ninja must meet within a mile of the compound, and do whatever they like to destroy the Tower.


Orr sits and examines blueprints, waiting for the others to arrive. When they do, they ask him what exactly the plan is. He tells them they must do a ground assault so that they can take out a majority of the forces, so that the reinforcements can move in. They agree, and go to the compound. The outside doesnt look like a fort, but a gateway leading underground surrounded by a fence. The fence is torn down and the gateway doors are smashed in, and obviously a battle happened here. The go into the stairs leading underground and check a body, revealing it to be an Outlander. They continue on into a large chamber, littered with dead Outlander bodies. A machine walks in and Okami's sharingan reveals that the machine in pouring chakra into the dead bodies. They stop it but its too late, and mutants rise and attack. 

The mutants rise and Orr sends a particle bomb to scatter them. They do indeed and two for each person attack the ninja. Taro throws 2 fuma shuriken and they stab the neck of the mutants, but the mutants pull them out. Kazuki makes a shadow clone and slices up some of the mutants, while Okami manages to stab into some of the mutants. Orr uses his chakrs chains to stab the mutants in the head, and Taro uses his sound wave to destroy the rest, though the boom of sound hurts the ears of all of them, especially Okami. They continue on, through a hallway, until they hear a metallic voice talking about taking care of the little ones. They go and enter into a large chamber. It is a large metallic chamber, but there is biological matter scattered across the floor. Farther from them is an extremely tall tower, that channels a large amount of chakra to the ceiling. The biological matter collects in mounds and forms a big hill like structure in front of the tower, with a Nadohs sitting on top of it, smiling. On the mounds, there are dozens of green eggs, just transparent enough to see human figures inside all of them, in a fetal position. Two Cybord Midwives trail through the nest of eggs, but stop as soon as the ninja enter. She thanks them for testing the mutants for her, all the while calling them insects and bags of meat. She introduces herself as the captain of this compound and her voice sounds robotic and stutters like SHODAN. Orr and Taro try and convince her to let them get to the tower, but she says they shouldnt mock her, and that she knows why they are there. She reveals she coudldnt care less and Raki is only a limiter to her magnificance. She says she made his weak soldiers so much greater, revealing she was behind the changes and deaths. She says that she will allow them to the tower if they prove they are not as dissapointing as she thinks. Two cyborg midwives go to attack Orr and the crew, but Orr goes to her. Nadohs summons a Phantom to fight Orr.

Taro casts sound shroad but it blinds his teammates, but the Midwives can smell Taro. They attack and he uses a sonic boom to propell himself to the cieling and cancels the sound shroud. Kazuki and his clone assault one midwife, but one of the clones is blasted away by the other. Okami comes up behind the Midwife and tries to attack her, but she holds him off and pushes him back. Taro drops from the cieling with a rasengan, but she cancels it out with her own jutsu. He lands beside her and she fires a powerful blast at Taro, who can only dodge some of it, while he hits her to make her stumble. Kazuki makes another shadow clone and uses that to chop off the arm of one of the midwives. Okami summons shar and Shar rips another midwife apart. Taro hits another with a rasengan, and she responds with two powerful blasts which he dodges. Kazuki then slices the final midwife to pieces.

Orr and the Phantom face off. The Phantom fires an electrical storm and Orr responds with an earth dragon, which is destroyed. Orr is blasted away but he activates his chakra chains and summons Cranius. The Phantom charges an attack. Orr fires a barrage of bombs and the Phantom responds with a powerful blast of corruptive energy, but its destroyed and so is she. The rest of the blast is blocked easily by Nadohs. Orr asks if he can destroy the tower now and she says she will allow it. The biological matter absorbs into her as Orr destroys the chakra tower, and Okami tries to prevent her from leaving. He sends a couple fireballs, but she destroys them and dissapears.

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