Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 3/18/13
  • Submitted by: Chihiro
  • Rank: B, turned D
  • Overseer: Rucho Nara
  • Recapper: Rucho Nara
  • QP Reward: 1 [Tiburan and Chihiro only]
  • Ryo Reward: 500

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Stop Tiburan and his cronies from raiding a small village.


On his way back to the ocean Tiburan and two of his crew members were raiding a village. Ryujin and Chihiro were dispatched to deal with the one armed chunin.

Mission RecapEdit

Upon arriving at the scene they were greeted by a small village in flames. One of the two thugs saw them and called Tiburan to deal with them. Tiburan came out and charged at them. As he approached Ryujin activated her sharingan and Chihiro activated her crystal armour. Tiburan slashed at Ryujin but she deflected his sword with the help of her sharingan. Chihiro was kicked backwards.

Ryujin promptly swooned and fainted. Tiburan and Chihiro then had a lengthy private conversation, after which they went their separate ways. The village was left to burn to the ground, and Tiburan's crew members left happy with pockets full of looted cash.

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