Mission DetailsEdit

Mission RecapEdit

Kira and Shinkiro set off, and the first two days went o

QP Reward: 4

  • Ryo Reward: 0
  • Other Reward: 2 Byakugan, 4 Oro cells, 6 young ninja

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Acquire Orochimaru cells for research and get funding for the Gami Clan


  • The pair leave the base and travel two day unhindered
  • On the third day it rains heavily
  • They meet the cloaked figure outside of the compound, and he tells them that he caused to rain as to give them a diversion, he also imbued them with some of his power in case things went sour
  • they get to the compound and make their way to the main building, their they find two men and 12 young ninja, the leader of them easily identifies the two as ninja and strikes. He is quickly defeated, some of the kids slaughtered and the other man killed they took the leaders Byakugan and used genjutsu to get the kids to take them to the cells
  • The gather the kids and the cells and hastily escape
  • Though they made it back to the base there are complications and not everything went as planned...
  • They gave Masaki the children and some of the cells while each took a Byakugan

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