Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Reclaim the Jade Temple


Sessho is interested in taking back the abandoned temple, one that he has dealt with in the past. It needs cleaning, both menial and the cleaning of some larger issues. He can't do this alone of course! It'd be impossible without the aid of companions! And that is why Sessho has asked Tibs and Tanyu to help him with this very important task! They are to meet a mile away from the temple so that there cleansing of it may begin

Mission RecapEdit

The three talked a bit on there way to the temple, when they got inside they had a little fight with the newly imploed Gate Keeper. Sessho murdered him and they continued on where they fought mister big and nasty once a gain. They fought and fought, though its seemed like he just wouldn't die.. In till Sessho chopped him with Misery, and caused the Big Nasty monster to Die from Depression. GG

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