Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Get information from the base about what's going on.


After investigating a field full of dead bodies and tracing the work back to a Kigen clan member, Asumizu and Kai found a scroll. After some work they were able to decode it and learned of a location in the the country of the Hidden Grass. They rounded up some ninja help to investigate this location.

Mission RecapEdit

Kai, Asumizu, Nen, and Masema (Taro) went to the compound. For a long while they discussed strategies for entering and taking out the guards in the posts near the gate. They decided to wait for a shift change. Then Kai held them in place while Nen threw Taro's fuma shuriken to kill them. They were then confronted with an electrified gate, so they used Kai's telekinesis to lift them over. Then they had to deal with the front door that had a black pad. After some more mucking around they finally got a key card from a dead guard's body. And inside they found a base and lots of doors with key card pads in front of them. Some looking around got them close to what they were looking for, but Asumizu left the proper room and went to another to talk to someone after dealing with the rude guy at the desk. He got some infos from there, but not much, and then the group left the base.

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