Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013--03-03
  • Submitted by: Tiburon 
  • Rank: D
  • Overseer: Nafarias
  • Recapper: Nafarias 
  • QP Reward: 2
  • Ryo Reward: 500 and 4500 fake chocolate coins

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Tiburon Momochi
  • Isamu Gami
  • Allen Walker

Mission ProfileEdit

Goal: Save Mr.Whiskers


Save the old ladys cat during the festival and return it to her for a large reward!

Mission RecapEdit

The three ninjas were dumped for the beginning. The old lady that wanted help asked them to find her large orange cat, which ended up being massive and bigger than an elephant. It was all genjutsu however, the three were brought to a house by the cat, in which the old lady lured them in. Tiburon refused to go in and instead went through the ground after them. He fell into a testing facility and then moved into a room in which he kept falling. Allen and Isamu were breaking through a mirror maze that didn't exist, and Isamu slammed himself unconcious as Allen fought the old woman who wasn't even there. Tiburon realized he was in a genjutsu and broke out of it, finding himself in a small damp basement. Isamu regained conciousness and thought there was something wrong with Allen, who was fighting the ceiling by throwing nothing (he thought he had glass shards). There was a jonin messing with the three of them having some fun of his own, once Allen realized what was up and Tiburon joined them upstairs said jonin left, leaving behind them 500 ryo and 4500 chocolate coins for each person there. 

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