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Retake a town on one of the northern islands of The land of lightning that has been invaded and being occupied by thugs and bandits.


There has been increased bandit activity in the far northern islands that fall under the jurisdiction of the Land of Lightning. To deal with this, the Raikage has dispatched a team of genin, consisting of Kazuki, Kaito, and Sankuro, to investigate the problems and deal with the recent takeover of one of the small towns.

Mission RecapEdit

Kazuki, Kaito, and Sankuro were sent to board a boat bound for one of the northern islands that are part of Lightning Country. Along the way there, Kazuki revealed that they were headed to his home village and they talked a bit about his past. They arrived at a fishing village and then had to walk inland to reach the occupied village. The village they approached was incredibly quiet with some paranoid seeming residents that they were able to sneak glimpses of.

They entered the town square where they found a destroyed building and heard noise from the local tavern/inn. They investigated and found a number of thugs in the tavern, who accosted them and demanded they leave. Instead, Kaito initiated combat against the leader. A battle ensued in the tavern between the half dozen thugs, some of which knew wind or earth jutsu, and the three ninjas sent from Kumo. They were able to kill three of the men, incapacitate another, and injure the remaining two when Kaito filled the room with explosive gunpowder ash. The ninjas grabbed the innocent bartender and fled the tavern before it was detonated, killing the remaining thugs inside.

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