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Kill the Roaches and locate/eradicate their source


The Neutral land of Corn has put a bounty out to all the ninja villages to help them with their roach problem. The fact that they are the size of wolves and are stealing livestock and food stores from all the local farms. The ninja are to assemble at a farm house and are to meet an old man by the name of Hoki.

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Nobu arrives at the farmhouse first, no one else. He is quickly joined by Takumi and Sankuro. The pair are a terrible trio as their past missions together have been. They dicuss with each other and catch up on events until they hear the clunking of an old man's walking stick. They quickly walk around the barn and see the old man who introduces himself as Hoki.

Takumi in his cheekiness asks for food due to the long trek here. Hoki returns with tea and riceballs for the ninja, they sit and talk. Trying to learn as much as they can about the foul bugs that have been troubling these locals. They know they come at dusk and dawn, they are as large as wolves and come from the south. The ninja thank the man, Hoki and head off towards the fields where the beasts usually strike.

A big ass roach

They find a vantage point on a hill looking down towards a small valley that is off to the south. As they wait and the sun sets, fireflies begin to fly around lazily. The ground begins to tremour slightly, but ti rapidly increases in intensity. Before the ninja know what is happening, four of this roaches burst out of the ground, a battle ensues.

Nobu tries to blow the beasts away with a pwerful explosion, it stuns one, unharms another and the other two disappear under the earth, these creatures are tough skinned. Takumi tries to strike one of beast in the back of the head, he is unable and ends up locked with the creature, its jaws hissing and screeching at him.

Sankuro lets his puppet, Reaper loose. The puppet hacks at one of the roaches legs, cutting it clean between the small joints in the creatures defence. Nobu gets swamped from underground and manages to blast one to death, the other clamps around his ankles and tries to drag him into the earth tunnel's below, suffocating him.