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Deliver a sealed scroll to Kumo.


After hearing a rumor about Kumogakure, a young group of shinobi decide to find out the truth of the matter. Zenko Sugawara has received a mission to deliver a sealed scroll to Kumo to a certain Setsuma clan. The Kazekage has allowed him to pick and choose which shinobi he wishes to take as teammates. He has selected Jeisen Uchiha and Ezekeial Kaguya.

Mission RecapEdit

Zenko, Jeisen, Zeke, and Taro gathered just outside the gates of Suna and discussed the scroll delivery task at hand. They started walking through the desert towards Kumo when some things were thrown at them. Taro pushed them away with sonic boom, but another wave came and landed nearby, filling the area with smoke and obscuring vision. When Taro cleared the field with a sonic wave, the group was surrounded by 12 bandits. A battle ensued between the bandits and the four ninja, but the bandits were fairly easily defeated and a number of them fled.

After the battle, the ninja continued on their mission, making the long trek between Suna and Kumo in several days. When they reached the border of Lightning Country, they encountered another ninja along the road in typical Kumo garb and with the appropriate headband. The man seemed fairly friendly and also seemed to know a bit of their mission. After some conversation, Taro told Zenko to give the man the scroll, so he did. He thanked them and turned to head towards Kumo. The four ninja decided to tail the man from a distance and did so, with Taro in the forested area near the road.

As they got closer to Kumo, the man ducked into a grove of trees, though by all appearances he was just stopping for a quick pee. He then headed back to the road and towards Kumo, but after some distance he stopped and turned around, waved to the followers and blew a kiss before poofing. A shadow clone! Confused, the four returned to the grove to look for clues, but were able to find very little. They then split off: Taro and Jeisen heading to the east and Zeke and Zenko heading to the west to look for some sign of where the man went. After a great deal of searching in multiple directions and questioning of encountered civilians, nothing was turned up. Zenko and Zeke returned to Kumo to report the loss of the scroll.

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