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The Rukh, are small pieces of spiritual energy that have no real purpose without a host. They are the resonance that manifests itself after large spiritual activity of anysort, they flock to plaes of worship in large amounts, though typically unseen due to their miniature stature.


The Rukh are capable of many things in the right hands. They function a lot the Aburame's insects (See Kikaichu Host) in that they are small beings who live safely and feed off their hosts chakra, in return they will do as their host says. Once a host has gathered enough Rukh, they will begin to reproduce, as they were made, since they are large amounts of energy themselves, whenever an action is done more are made. Their host can communicate with them easily.

Basic TechniquesEdit

Scan- The user sends out several rukh to look over an area and return to the user with the results.[5 cp]

Rukh Clone- hundreds of rook form to make an exact clone of the host, can only use rukh related abilities. [follows normal clones rules]

Flight- The user is surrouneded by about a dozen rukh that hold the host in the air and allows them to move freely through the air.[10, 5/turn]

Advanced TechniquesEdit

Dome- The user sends the rukh out to fly out in a protective dome [20/turn]

Swarm- The Rukh swarm to a location to strike a target.[20]

Explosion- The host sacrafices a few rukh to create a larger one that will explode on impact [20]


Obliterate- The Rukh sacrafice themselves to deal high damage in an explosive burst, mainly focused on one target.[40]

Decimate- Similar to Obliterate, except this is wide spread damage [40]

Medical + RukhEdit

Rukh of Life- The user surges a rukh with healing chakra, and it transforms. It can be sent to a target to heal them. [40, 80 healed]

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