Ryūjin (龍神) Clan
Ryūjin Clan Symbol
Clan Leader Arashi Ryūjin
Member Limit 3
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

Ryōshi village

Ryōshi village (漁師の里)

The Ryūjin clan was based in the Ryōshi village (漁師の里). The village consisted mostly of fishermen but had supplied a few shinobi the Kumogakure army over the years. The village supplied fish to the Land of Lightning and its allies. The Ryūjin clan was the only major clan in the village. They were housed in a palace named Ryūgū-jō (竜宮城). The clan had a natural affinity for lightning like most shinobi in the Land of Lightning.

The clan is said to have descended from the sea dragons and these dragons were once worshiped by the clan. The clan believed that only someone from the clan who could control the storms i.e. the lightning and the seas, was worthy of meeting the dragons but no one was considered capable enough and the dragons weren't seen for centuries. Slowly, the clan's belief in them waned.

Most of the clan was destroyed along with Ryōshi village when it was struck by a tornado. Arashi Ryūjin, the son of the last clan leader, was the only one in the village who survived the tornado and became the de facto leader of the clan at only 10 years of age. Additional members of the clan who were not in the village at the time of the disaster may also be alive.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The clan shares a special link with the Watatsumi Sanjin as they have a common ancestor. The Watatsumi Sanjin are 3 sea dragons who dwell in the ocean near Ryōshi village. Only a clan member who has control over lightning and water can seek them out. Once acquainted, the Watatsumi Sanjin can make a summoning contract with the clan member or even teach sage jutsu. No clan member has been able to seek them out for centuries.

Signature Jutsu: Lightning Style: Lightning Bolt JutsuEdit

The user holds out an open palm and shoots a singular bolt of lightning. The bolt goes in a straight direction and it is easy to dodge. the lightning bolt can leave a burn mark but does not do much damage physically but it can paralyze the opponent if it hits them.

Signature Jutsu: Lightning Style: Lightning Sphere JutsuEdit

The user holds out both hands, one behind the other, and forms a concentrated sphere of lightning. The user then moves his hands above his head and proceeds to throw the sphere at the opponent. Upon contact, the sphere explodes and send out lightning in all directions in a moderate radius. It can excruciatingly shock the opponent and leave burn marks on their bodies.

Current MembersEdit

Arashi Ryūjin

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