Naru Portrait
Clan Leader Mukuso Sandā
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The Sandā clan is a clan of monks and priests quietly residing in Kumogakure. They are naturally pacifist so did not get involved in the great ninja wars but are extremely strong. Though they do not get involved in wars, they have know to show exceptions as a large number of them fought and died in the 1st great shinobi war.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The Sandā clan has great chakra reserves and are know to be extremely patient, allowing them to easily master senjutsu. They have a natural affinity to lightnight and fire release. They also have summoning contracts with badgers.

Kekkei Genkai: GetsuganEdit

The Getsugan is one of the most unique-looking Kekkei Genkai in existence. Those that wield it have black irises. When the technique's power is activated, it turns the entirety of the eye black, with the exception of its center, which is white, with a fading effect. Around the iris, it has a corona-like pattern, resembling a solar eclipse. The visual prowess gained from the Getsugan is amazing. As demonstrated and explained during the fights of the storyline, this dōjutsu allows the user to materialize past visions in real time. This means that, if its user has seen, for example, a sword before, it allows him or her to multiply said sword a certain number of times, this value varying depending on one's chakra amount and power.

Signature Jutsu: Oshō GetsuganEdit

The Oshō Getsugan is a visual ninjutsu that gives the user knowledge and tools of an opponent's weakness. It also allows the user to predict an opponents an attack, therefore allowing a counter-attack. This move takes a lot of chakra, however, and can most users (once awakened) can only use it for 5 minutes at a time before allowing 48 hours of recovery (however, this can be trained to allow the user to use it for hours or even infinitely with senjutsu).

Current MembersEdit

Mukuso Sandā

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